View Full Version : Virtua Cop 3 First Impressions

06-10-2003, 02:14 PM
Yeah guys, i have being in Arcade with my friends yesterday and we have a chance to check out the latest Virtua Cop series. From the start, i saw some beautiful CG movies but what i notice later, this is the in-game engine they use to create FMV sequences. They look so great and extremely detailed. Compare to Time Crisis 3, we saw a lot of jaggies in it. Anyway, we start to insert our coins to gun down some terrorists. Like House of Dead 3, you can't hide, you must gun down everything in sight but be careful, there are lot of hostages in each area, you kill one, you lost one life. But the developer have add a new mode to make game easier a little bit: The E-S Mode. Yeah, just call it slow-motion mode like a la matrix-style. This mode can be use anytime but in my way, you must reserve it to emergency situation (when you see a red triangle with a "!" in it). The E-S mode bar going down fast so use it intelligently. You can also gain experience to add lifes but if you get shooted, you lost everything. There are three areas: easy, normal and hard. I will try hard next time i visit the Arcade. :p