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06-29-2003, 02:00 PM
The Hulk: Super Code Confirmed

Universal Pictures confirmed today the presence of a "supercode," hidden in their number one box office hit "The Hulk," based upon one of Marvel Comics' most popular Super Hero® series, that unlocks completely new gameplay in the critically-acclaimed "Hulk" videogame.

"The 'Hulk" video game was designed with the goal of rewarding fans who experience both the movie and the game," said Nicholas Longano, VU Games' SVP of Marketing. "We created the Gray Hulk bonus gameplay as the ultimate payoff in which the key to the treasure is literally buried in the body of the film."

The code that unlocks Gray Hulk appears in a scene right before Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk for the first time. Gamers can unlock the Gray Hulk by entering the code word into any computer terminal in the game.

Source: Hulkgames.com