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12-12-2001, 07:17 PM
Hey there, just like to say that i am a new person here. Hope all of you can welcome me FOR I AM THE GAMECUBE HATER OF THE WORLD.

12 days and counting until the ultimate gaming experience

I must say i feel bad for people who like gamcubes. first of all they are probably 6 years old and still **** there beds. Second of all the "cube" is a piece of **** shaped in a geometric square i hope everyone can see that. HALO ROCKS

"screw you guys im goin home to play xbox

12-12-2001, 07:19 PM
I welcome you to these forums, My name is 1337h4x and I am waiting for Xmas for my XboX as well, and I CANNOT WAIT...watch the clock all day knowing that soon enough I will be playing my XboX alllllllll day and night....

Ninja Scroll
12-12-2001, 07:21 PM
your a KiddyCube hater?
well why didnt you say so????? Welcome aboard little trooper.
I Ninja Jubei, your hero & role model has to let you know one thing first.
Appond joining xboxaddict's forum I just need to tell you that there is a Super Hero Ninja fee of $5.00! :)

now you can pay me in anyway except checks, the last guy wrote me a bad check and I had to make a trip over sea to Australia! lol!

12-12-2001, 07:24 PM
I never paid anyone.....too late now HAHHAHA!!!

Ninja Scroll
12-12-2001, 07:29 PM
Originally posted by 1337h4x
I never paid anyone.....too late now HAHHAHA!!!

ggggggggrrrrrrrrrr, your blowing it for me 1337h4x!
I was going to use that $5.00 to put towards a new Xbox game :(

12-12-2001, 07:32 PM
No everyone still pays, juss I never did, and its too late to make me pay now, but he still has to pay his 5 dollars.

12-12-2001, 07:41 PM
What, you all didn't like the Nintendo when it first came out?

12-12-2001, 07:44 PM
Never said that duck hunt is tha shiznit but they made the Gamecube, a purple box of ***ness....

Ninja Scroll
12-12-2001, 07:54 PM
Originally posted by 1337h4x
Never said that duck hunt is tha shiznit but they made the Gamecube, a purple box of ***ness....

Hey, dont get us wrong here.
I dont really, really, really hate da big N. I just hate their method of approach to marketing & producing their products in this day in age.
back in the original NES & gameboy days I rooted for Nintendo (well, until Sega's blast proccessing campaign) when they were not to kiddy.
Now nintedo is just a sad joke.
I thought they would learn from the Kiddy64, but obviously not.

12-12-2001, 08:00 PM
I agree with you for the 1st time ever Ninja....

12-12-2001, 08:34 PM
Jeez that was XAddict's only post...why do you guys have to scare off everyone? lol

12-12-2001, 08:42 PM
i smell too bad...I knew it....

Crazy Joe
12-12-2001, 09:21 PM
Nintendo isn't that stupid, they figured instead of trying to compete in the late-teen market, why not corner the prepubescent market? i personally think they will eventually concentrate on handheld since they have NO competition in that market right now

Crazy Joe
12-12-2001, 09:22 PM
sorry, meant late-teen to adult market

12-13-2001, 07:46 AM
Oh i am not scared of just had to leave. Ninja boy i cant pay the 5 dollars. why dont u just get it from your ninja mom

l Maximus l
12-13-2001, 01:46 PM
Hey, dude...welcome to the forums...don't mind Linda Troll (a.k.a. Ninja Scroll)...He means the best. It's kind of his way of saying "Give Maximus the $5.00 instead"...know what I mean? hehe..jk :D

As for your introduction, may I say that was the finest thing next to a frog hair split four ways :D