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12-13-2001, 11:26 AM
What's the deal with Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault? Some sites have a release date of February while others say late January or possible as late as March. PC version comes out Jan. 22, but apparently EA has slowed down development of XBOX version. Does anybody know something more concrete? I can't wait for this game.

l Maximus l
12-13-2001, 12:26 PM
Well, dude...I'm eager for this game, too....but, I actually took the time to sit through EA's Customer Service in Redwood City, CA... If you guys want to check it out, simply call (650) 628-4322 and you can ask them directly about it.

When I called, they told me that the PC version is only coming out in January and the dude that I spoke with had no idea when Medal of Honor: Allied Assault was coming out for XBox or the PoS2.

If anyone decides to call that number, make sure you listen closely to what options to hit...they have a PC gaming customer service and a Console gaming customer service. I hope that helps.

12-13-2001, 05:26 PM
hmm i think pos2 is getting 1942 only, xbox and pc is getting MOH:AA i could be wrong, but thats what i heard