View Full Version : Games In January

12-13-2001, 02:36 PM
I Have My Xbox And 3 Games (Halo, Amped, DOA3) and am trying to decide on what game i shgould get next. There Are alot out now that i want, but will there be more good ones coming out next month? If so then i think ill wait to ge a new game casuei could play Halo FOREVER. so what good games are all of u looking forard to in January?

12-13-2001, 10:29 PM
im really lookin forward to medal of honor: Allied Assualt....that game is the most realistic thing i seen since saving ryans private...watevr...anyway that game looks like a good bet, but its got kinda of an goldeneye look to it...but im still gettin it...

i havent got my xbox yet...but xmas is soon...and im most likely gonna get max payne...i played it for pc...and it was so funnn, u cant get enough of the bullet time

Also im patienly waiting for the arrival of grand theft auto 3...i really am getting xbox just for gta3...i cant wait!!!

But i am gonna stay loyal to my favorite sport...and waiting on a fifa for xbox...even though its gonna take a while to come out...im gettin it...

I also kinda persuaded my parents to get me xbox because of the dvd player...and now there charging me like 40$ for it..watevr gotta think of a way to get it...

whats really ****ing me off is a local radio station is giving away 2 xboxs an hour...and about a 3 million people call and 2 win per hour...and all they have is a promo for xbox....its driving me crazy...anyway good thing u made this thread so i can take out my anger :D