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06-18-2001, 05:01 PM
´Cause if yes, they should penalize LucasArts for showing such horrendous screenshots of Obi Wan. I can´nt imagine why the big boys from Xbox have signed this game for the Xbox lineup. This game looks like s**t. Compare this game to the new Jedi Knight game and Obi One looks like a N64 game. Xbox and Star Wars fans should be treated much nicer.

THE QUESTION IS THAT SHOULD Xbox allow this? and most importantly SHOULD WE ALLOW IT? Therefor I PLEDGE THAT THE "Xbox Addict Team" create a list of games that should NOT have the HONOUR of being launched for the holiest of gaming platforms, or games which need a 360º change. This black list should be posted and mailed to the developers. If there is a petition list for Final Fantasy don´t see why this could not happen. The MAIN beneficiaries will be all of us, who wants to make of the Xbox the best possible entertainment experience ever created.

You could start with:

Obi wan (please don´t even mention JarJar in the game, please)
Ghost Recon: it is about time Red Storm gets or creates a brand new engine cause recycling the Rainbow Six engine it is simply SAD and the screenshots are there.


06-18-2001, 05:17 PM
My thoughts on all this is...I think Microsoft probably, doesn't define "quality" by the niceness of the screenshots of the game itself for that matter, but by the franchise it picks up. In a way that's good, in another it's horrible. It's fine that the mighty XBox will have two Star Wars titles, but the fact that they might suck, gameplay wise, and appearance wise, it will backfire on them for sure.

I just hope they don't do that. One title I personaly don't want them to screw up is the the upcoming Bruce Lee title, I've watched many Bruce Lee movies as a kid...I know what flavor it's supposed to have. I guess the best we can do now, since the console and the first wave of games are still a few more months away is wait and see.

But Microsoft does NOT put out BAD games, Motocross Madness 2 & Ages of Empire 2 rocked! So they don't have a reputation of putting out crappy games.

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06-18-2001, 08:21 PM
Well if Microsoft does´nt define quality, WE SHOULD define it. The main ISSUE here is APPEARANCE because gameplay can be easily delivered by any of the new generation consoles. But APPERANCE is what will make the DIFFERENCE, and I am quoting Xbox big bosses. So if this is true,I don´t think that the Obi Wan screenshots are going the help the Xbox at all. Ofcourse there are hundreds of games in development, but success relies upon managerial facts, being one; quality control.

Apparently you have not touch the Black List issue, so I will take a shot that it ain´t a subject easily to confront.
But the premise by which I am stating all this non-sense is the power of the masses. For example, If Lucas Arts receives feedback from all the Xbox support sites about how crappy is it´s upcoming Xbox title, bet you that at least the next game they develope they will think it twice before making something awfull, or even better, maybe the will try to tweak Obi Wan to a much better looking game. WE ARE ALL HERE MAINLY BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IN THE Xbox PROJECT, SO LET´s DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!