View Full Version : Differences between ESPN 2K4 and Fever 2004?

07-27-2003, 12:25 AM
Today and a part of tomorrow, the IGN Gamestore is holding an offer for $10 off NFL Fever 2004 (when it arrives) and free overnight shipping. I am thinking about jumping on the great offer. I was wondering what are the main differneces between the two.

I am a casual football viewer/enthusiast. I like the game, but I've never "officially" played it so I don't know the very, very fine mechanics and won't be bothered by a any minor mistakes in that area. Graphics are important. I want something that's easy for a novice to pick up even if they don't know everything about football. I have Xbox Live, in case that makes a difference. BTW, I hate Sega. I hate PSO, JSRF, and Sonic, but I am not sure if this makes a difference either.

Don't start a post war! I just want some unbiased opinions from people who have played BOTH games (the previous editions of course and know somewhat about the improvement in this year's editions).

08-04-2003, 01:45 PM
I owned NFL 2k3 and NFL Fever 2003 last year. Here is how I would break it down:

Graphics: Grass looks amazing on Fever 2003, so-so on 2k3, players look good on both, it comes down to preference there. Fever uses around 8,000 pixels per player, ESPN 5,000, and Madden around 3,000. Animations are much stronger on 2k3 in terms of players running, catching, blocking, and tackling.

Gameplay: From a realism perspective 2k3/ESPN all the way. This year will be more of the same realism only they have tweaked the game a little. NFL Fever plays a little more loose and is closer to an arcade game vs. realism. This year ESPN/2k3 will offer First person perspective in addition to the typical top down perspective, which should make it interesting. Everything will look very much like ESPN and it will be authentic. Additionally they have worked on crowd graphics, cheerleaders, and had added a coaches challenge. Fever is changing passing a little and has upped the defense this year.

What I found, was that it was too much trouble to try to become strong at both games, so ultimately I played Sega if you haven't figured that out by now. By the way, I hate PSO, JSRF, and Sonic as well, but those aren't sports games. Hope this helps! Also, pick up the latest issue of XBOX magazine when it comes out
ESPN will be on the demo disk.

Live: Trust me on this one, if you play Fever you will run into a lot more kids playing on line--maybe you are a kid, and that's great--but you will have to deal with people cussing, cheating at times, and acting immature. ESPN is mainly an older man's game--it's more authentic, and it's what they want.

08-08-2003, 11:34 PM
So You Like Football games just a bit like Me. Whatever the other guy was saying about only kids on Fever is not true. Everytime i play 2003 i have yet to meet a kid. I enjoy 2k3 as well but that is more of a realistic simulation game then Fever. For a casual Football fan who has live i suggest getting Fever, also because of the new Xsn Sports which is going to be awsome. I dont like football to an excess ammount so i'd go with fever. The only ESPN game im getting for sure is Espn Hockey because im a die hard hockey fan. Ive yet to decide wether im getting Inside Drive or Espn B-ball.
Have fun, hope to see you on Fever!;)

08-09-2003, 04:18 PM
Very noticable difference, ESPN NFL Football will be better than NFL Fever.;)