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12-15-2001, 06:19 PM
How many brave souls have taken on the alien forces on the Legendary diffuculty of Halo?

I beat the game on Easy diffuculty, then I beat the first level of the game on normal, and I figured this is gonna take forever. So I jumped straight into legendary, is it hard or what.

It takes me all day just to beat one level (with alot of dieing involved).. Anyone with some good tips on legendary, I could use some, I even got some of my own, for all diffucultys.

1. On most of the levels with the convenents and energy shields, everytime one of them dies they ushually drop 2-3 plasma grenades, make sure to pick them up A.S.A.P. They come in handy alot.
2. Make sure to always reload ur plasma rifle/pistol by killing a grunt or one of the other convenents and replacing the one in your hand, you use it alot.
3. For a secondary weapon its really good to have the automatic rifle. The one that holds 60 rounds in the magazine and can hold up to 600 bullets total. It dont work good on the aliens with energy shields but if you have nothing else, its good to run in and be careless with ur shooting.
4. Jumping in the air while infront of an alien, people may think that works to dodge, I did at one time, but it doesn't.. you ushually have to get behind a tree or a bush, reload all ur weapons, then jump back out and start the war.
5. In the warthog, its not only fun, but very affective, if you have a marine in the side seat (with possible a sniper rifle) and a marine in the gun turret, if you let them do all the shooting, dont bother getting out, just drive and make a tight turn to the left/right before you hit the alien, they try to jump, but when u turn it ushually kills them, sometimes you can do rolls with the vehicle down an alley and kill a bunch of aliens in one shot.
6. If you have a sniper rifle, you can really find alot of bullets for it, I'm sure you know this. Thats why you must be skilled with where you shoot the alien and what aliens you do shoot. Like grunts for example, its a waste of a bullet to shoot them, because you can easily take them out with a couple plasma shots or about 1/2 a magazine of the automatic rifle. For the aliens though, its mostly affective to shoot them directly in the head, on the bigger monsters it might take a couple bullets, but if you hit it in the right spot on thier head, its an instant kill, I find this very affective.
7. In legendary diffuculty make sure you have 4/4 grenades at all times if possible. If you dont beleive me just go on legendary and try to just fight with gun power. As you can see, you die easy, thats why grenades are a must have in legendary. In the smaller diffucultys, like easy, normal, grenades are not a must have, but they are still nice to have for when you just wanna blow somethin up.

Well thats I'll I can think of right now. But if anyone else has some tips that I might be able to use, please post them. Enjoy.

12-16-2001, 04:00 PM
MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY not dying which is hard on legendary so maybe you should just keep trying and eat your vegetables