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08-11-2003, 07:52 PM
hi there!
can anybody tell me please if the size of the tv
really matters for the picture quality.
do i get a better picture on a smaller tv?
right know i using an 32 inch tv. thanks for awnser.

El Latino Mafioso
08-11-2003, 08:18 PM
I would say that the quality(price, etc...) would have to do more with quality of picture than size. I use a 19 inch and it looks good enough.l8ter

08-12-2003, 10:35 AM
I agree with the above poster, it's the quality of the pieces inside that determine picture quality, not the size.

A big screen can look ordinary if it using older pieces of technology than everyone else. Even older plasma screens can look decidedly dodgy (I saw a Sony unit only just outdated about 6-12 months ago, and it looked terrible)

If it is usually good enough to have S-Video or component input, then it is usually good enough to display a good picture..

08-12-2003, 10:39 AM
I think it definetly has a lot to do with the picture, as in, if it's a flat screen, good quality, the actual size though isn't a necessity, but it certainly doesn't hurt.:cheers:

08-12-2003, 11:08 AM
Unless you pay plenty for it, physically a flat picture screen picture looks slightly odd, since the glass is not at a constant thickness for a convential TV. Have seen Loewe TV's that use a couple of extended panels to fool the eyes into making the picture appear "flatter".

Totally different story for plasma and LCD though.

Remeber, for NTSC, you are stretching 640 x 480 across a larger area as you get a larger TV.....