View Full Version : PGR 2 available in this year

08-17-2003, 04:20 PM
Well, it's just from a fan site but anyway, if is true then is really what we want.

TeamXbox.com reporting in that Microsoft Game Studios announced today that Project Gotham Racing 2 for Xbox will be available in North America on November 18.

In addition to the all-new Kudos ranking system, tons of hot cars and cities to explore and a massive list of authentic music tracks, PGR 2 also defines the Xbox Live experience. PGR2 is built from the ground up for seamless online experiences in both Solo Play and Multiplayer modes. Players can get updated scores, scoreboard changes, Live Ghosts and challenges in real-time as they play.

Rewarding drivers for focusing on speed and style while still taking risks around every corner, Project Gotham Racing 2 offers circuit-based racing through highly detailed, photorealistic urban environments.