View Full Version : the 2k4/espn demo

08-31-2003, 08:35 PM
Okay, I just recently got my hands on the ESPN Demo and I have to say I am very happy with it. This version is a less than half done one, but the amount of polishing done shows up quickly. The speed could have been faster, but it was acceptable. I know in the full version they will have the fast game speed so that is not a worry. THe animations and running game were great, in fact they were flat out awesome. I love the new control set up, i was wiping guys out with the shoulder move. THe new charge system is great also. AND of course espn was everywhere, even though there was no commentary. I even managed to chain some moves together and they were quick and efective. I noticed that the graphics were even more polished than last year and the celebrations are great!!
Now I noticed some major glitches fixed from last year. You can get pressure and the qb, I had 3 sacks and 2 half sacks with a fumble. On punt returns you actually get some blocking and I almost broke off a td return twice. The Tackling is much better, be careful when you dive because I got burned a few times, these guys hit eachother hard. I got double teamed and gang tackled about 3 times!! Now for the one thing I know people want to know, the passing. It has been improved greatly, there were a few bs drops, but the same passes in 2k3 would have been dropped for sure. You still better time the pass right, but it is less harsh on the player, unless you put the level all the way up.
Overall I have played this demo many times over and like it more every time I play it. If this much polish was put on a demo, I know the full version will kick some serious ass, VC may not get the sales numbers this year but they have a great game here and most people should like it. I would like to hear what everyone else thought of the demo, or if you somehow got a early copy of the final game let us know how it is. I know what game I am getting first for Football this year, ESPN all the way.