View Full Version : Western Xbox Games Heading for Japanese Release

09-04-2003, 01:48 PM
According to The-Magicbox.com, "Microsoft announced they will release the Xbox World Collection series for Xbox in Japan on October 23, five titles will be available, and a total of 20 titles will be released by summer 2004." The first five titles unveiled are Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus, Inside Pitch 2003, NFL Fever 2004, Outlaw Golf, and Outlaw Volleyball.

Source@ (http://www.the-magicbox.com/gaming.htm)

09-04-2003, 01:51 PM
good info....

09-04-2003, 02:07 PM
Japanese trends are so strange , it wouldn't suprise me if a game from the Outlaw series would sell millions,

crimson tide
09-06-2003, 05:25 PM
this makes no sense the japanese dont like our games so instead of givinging them games they like we try to force feed them games they dont like and there not even good games no wonder the x box sells like crap over there