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09-05-2003, 10:05 AM
(This is very cool news indeed and you hear it here first or close to it.)

Cash For Your Video Games, DVDs, or CDs at TradeStop.com!
Trade In - Cash Out

GameStop.com has launched TradeStop.com, a one-stop trade-for-cash site
that allows you to sell your unwanted video games, DVD movies and music
CDs online through the mail!

TradeStop.com provides free shipping and insurance with a minimum trade-in
of $30, (but will be COMPLETELY free until September 25th!) and is an
alternative means to sell your stuff with immediate price quotes and
immediate sale of your unwanted products! So go to your closet and dig
out those games, movies and cds you haven't even looked at since last
year, and then go to TradeStop.com to turn them into cash!
Click here to start selling:
Trade In - Cash Out

BONUS OFFER - $10 GameStop.com coupon!
To help kick-off this new site, we're giving away a $10 GameStop.com
digital coupon to the first 500 customers to trade-in via TradeStop.com!
This is an extremely limited time offer, so don't wait and start trading

Coupon will be sent within 3 weeks of your transaction and will be
delivered via email. May only be used on GameStop.com - not valid in
stores. $10 coupon must be used by December 31, 2003. May not be used in
conjunction with other coupons, offers or bundles.

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Dark Enemy
09-05-2003, 10:18 AM
It sounds like a good idea but there prices are tooooo cheap. They buy something for a dollar and sell it for 20:mad:

09-05-2003, 02:53 PM
i never ever use game gamestop or eb....bunch of thieves is what they are...ive been using http://www.rvgnet.net/ theres 5 sites to look through ....ive traded SNES,n64,and old gameboy games and have gotten ps2 and xbox games out of them....this can never be done at gamestop or eb cause all they will give ya is a few cents for old games...bastages......this place imo has the best trade in credit for older games......ive had some older gameboy games (original gameboy games not the new gba ones or gameboy color games) and i had some that were worth over 14 or 15 bucks trade in credit each...some older snes games are worth 3,4,to 10 bucks even.......i've gotten mostly all my ps2 games from them and will continue to get games from them