View Full Version : Who needs the extras?

09-19-2003, 10:47 AM
Does anyone else think that putting all the extras into an Xbox (DVD, MP3 etc) takes away from the overall experience? Before the Xbox came out I had 2 DVD players and a PC (I don't even watch DVD's or play MP3's on the box)....I'd rather they focus on Graphics, video games, and internet connectivity....I wish that I could buy the ultimate video game system instead of a multimedia machine!! I can only imagine how intense the graphics and speed of the games would be if they didn't put all of that extra junk in there!!! :mad:

09-19-2003, 12:27 PM
:huh: Dude, you are totally clueless. The Xbox IS the ultimate gaming machine. The only reason there is a DVD player in Xbox is because Xbox uses DVD discs so developers have more space for their games. Therefore Xbox HAS to have a DVD drives in the Xbox to read the discs. So if Microsoft is putting a DVD drive in their console they may as well have a DVD remote to watch DVDs on. Make Sense?

As for MP3s, there are no MP3s involved. All you do is stick a CD in the Xbox, rip the disc, and have your OWN soundtrack on your games. Speaking for me, and most of the XBAers I would like to see this feature implemented in MORE games rather than less.

09-19-2003, 12:53 PM
I think you have it reversed. Taking away from the overall experience would be if they started out with an all in one machine then stripped it down to say, the gamecube.

But back to you point, does everyone need these features? No. Does it hurt you because it has them? No. The fact is, this is the future. Multimedia Entertainment Systems. Nintendo is the only one trying to hold onto the solarity of the 'console' name, and it has hurt them.

As for all this stuff hurting the graphics, video games, and interconnectivity, how is that? It doesn't. Microsoft put together the best hardware on a console to date. That's as far as they can take that, the rest is up to the game developer. If a game has terrible graphics, it is the game designers fault, not Microsoft and not because the Xbox can also play DVD's.

Consoles by themselves are a dying breed and will be extinct by the next generation.