View Full Version : There is no spoon... [Link to Halo2 screenshots at IGN]

FragMaster B
09-20-2003, 01:55 AM
Hot Halo 2 Screens (http://xbox.ign.com/articles/450/450714p1.html)

Putting the X in box!


09-20-2003, 02:30 AM
Bah its movie clips or nothing for me :p

Dyslexic Chaos
09-20-2003, 08:57 PM
sweet! I wish you wouldnt post this stuff though, because it is getting harder and harder to wait for this game!!!

l Maximus l
09-21-2003, 03:43 PM
It's not possible for me to get more hyped about this game since my hype meter is off the hook...but, I say, bring on as much info as possible! I can't wait for Halo 2... I think it's going to redefine XBox Live...just wait and see :D