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09-22-2003, 12:08 PM
With the release of Kemco's newest action/adventure title, Rogue Ops, drawing ever near, Nikki Connors has ultimately decided to allow her fans and friends in on a few helpful insights relating to her upcoming Rogue Ops adventures. Beginning today, Kemco and Nikki will disclose highly privileged information regarding her covert operations every two weeks until the November 4th release date. From details on the numerous mission settings to complete descriptions of Nikki’s arsenal, video game fans will certainly receive their fix of Nikki over the next six weeks.

Mission: Magyar Club
Nikki's first mission takes her to Budapest, Hungary where she enters the Magyar Club, a high class social club catering to only the elite in Hungarian society. At the Magyar, Nikki sets out to locate the Hungarian Minister of Defense, Agastan Varga, and interrogate the son of a ***** to unearth previously unknown information on Omega 19. By way of her intel-connected informants over at Phoenix, Nikki begins to suspect that Varga is providing Omega 19 with access to the state's nuclear technology and, in return, Varga is financially supported and kept in the lavish lifestyle to which he is accustomed to.

Weapon: Frag Grenade
The M67 frag grenade, also known as the “Baseball Grenade,” is a small, steel circular grenade 2.5 meters in diameter that becomes lethal to anyone up to four meters away upon detonation. The grenade has a 4-5 second delay, just long enough for Nikki to toss it and kill her unsuspecting victims with the powerful composition B mixture. Just like any other grenade, Nikki can pull the conventional safety ring and lever to activate a powerful explosion.

Set for release on Nintendo GameCube, the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft this November, Rogue Ops exposes the story of ex-Green Beret Nikki Connors as she sets her vengeful sights on those responsible for murdering her family.

More information on the game can be found at RogueOps.com