View Full Version : Xbox Live Australian Launch Details

09-25-2003, 11:28 AM
Microsoft has recently unveiled a number of details concerning the launch of its online gaming service, Xbox Live, in Australia. The service is scheduled to release on October 8th, and as previously reported, will simply require consumers to purchase an Xbox Live starter kit and plug a broadband connection into their Xbox.

Launched earlier this year in the United States, Xbox Live has been a resounding success in that country, and in every territory it’s launched in subsequently. Via Xbox Live, gamers can play games competitively or cooperatively online, and can use real-time voice chat to communicate with one another during play.

Alan Bowman, general manager Xbox Asia Pacific, says, “Xbox Live is the world’s first online gaming service and revolutionises the way people play games. Because we offer a unified service we can ensure all gamers enjoy the same consistent, cheat-free experience across all Xbox Live enabled games. Simply purchase an Xbox Starter kit, plug your broadband connection into your Xbox and in no time you will find a fast growing community of over half a million people ready to play!”

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