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09-29-2003, 10:49 AM
The discussion also yielded more details on the game's story, which will be the focus of the single-player game. In the wake of an disaster that left the world in shambles, you play a survivor who, like many people in the world, is affected by a mysterious dust that steals a person's memory. The upside to the dust-related amnesia is that those affected by the dust gain special powers. As you might expect, one of the components of the single-player involves retrieving your lost memory. The single-player game will break down into more than 50 missions that will offer a variety of challenges. The various single-player missions will run the gamut from standard combat missions to more puzzle-oriented and strategic challenges that require you to use specific skills to achieve certain goals. If you manage to successfully complete your current mission, you'll be rewarded with skills. You'll begin the game with just 10 skills, though as mentioned, the game will have 300. Currently, the developer seems to intend to let you play through each of the game's many missions in any order, so that you can try to collect whichever specific skills you want first.

Source@ (http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/action/phantomdust/preview_6076113.html)