View Full Version : StarCraft: Ghost Preview

09-29-2003, 10:52 AM
Blizzard was showing off updated builds of StarCraft Ghost at Tokyo Game Show 2003. Announced at last year's show, Ghost has come a long way and is looking like a tight stealth-action game that will please fans of the genre as well as StarCraft devotees. Set in the StarCraft universe and starring a Ghost named Nova, this title blends the quality gameplay Blizzard is renowned for and the richness of the StarCraft universe.

Since GameSpy has previewed this game several times before, I'll focus on the aspects of it that were new to me. For starters, I got to see Nova's numerous psi powers in action. The first was Sight Mode, which looks similar to infrared vision, but instead of seeing in heat increments, Nova sees enemy weak spots. This is useful when she's cloaked and has only one shot to kill an opponent. While Sight Mode is being used, Nova does not regenerate psi energy.

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