View Full Version : KOTOR dissapointment *SPOILERS INCLUDED*

JR Alberda
09-29-2003, 02:51 PM
A little thing that happened to me in KOTOR this weekend that really sucks.

I had just finished the Wookie world and decided to do Korriban next. It was all going good and I have started to quickly turn my character to the dark side for fun. The problem all started after I tried to go outside of the Sith Academy. With no option of stopping and returning Malaks apprentice comes on the attack. Problem is that I have only Me, Canderous, and the alien Jedi woman, I forget her name. My party versus the three Jedi there is not a fair match to say the least.

Why not just go back to your last saved game you ask. That is because the last one is the auto save before entering the area, and before that means replaying about 45 minutes worth of the game.

I will probably have to redo it after trying some more to win. But it truly blows evil Sith Pet monkey balls.

09-29-2003, 03:39 PM
Two possible scenarios to relieve your hardship here...go back the way you came and back to the ebon hawk, and from there go to another planet with weaker characters (like mannan). Or two, simply make the difficulty easy for that fight and mop the floor with them. Also, Canderous isn't a push over, so it shouldn't be difficult. And yes, you can go back to planets you've already beaten anytime (except for maybe mannan), and face the characters there.