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12-21-2001, 05:48 PM
What is Big, Black, and has a Green Circle in the middle??? MY NEW XBOX!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! Unfortuneately I have to go to work till 10pm tonight. Of course, it is a video store. I think I will pick up a couple games. AHHH!!! It's about darn TIME!!!!

WHat Should I play first? Halo, Amped, NFL Fever 2002, or the new game with Abe and Munch????>??????????????

12-21-2001, 06:00 PM
Amped, Oddworld, NFL Fever 2002(for a lil' midnight action!), and then save the best for last(HALO), unless you can't do anything but resist playing it first, then just go right ahead! Heh:D

l Maximus l
12-21-2001, 06:11 PM
Congrats, buddy!!! Dude, throw any of those mama jamas in!! You have some great games there, buddy :D

12-21-2001, 06:18 PM
exactly what MAXI said

12-22-2001, 12:19 AM
What did you decide to play and what did you think of it? Oh man I just got Azurik and can't wait to try it out.

12-22-2001, 02:23 AM
ya dont' forget to pick up some liqour to. :D

Lightwave Freak
12-22-2001, 09:21 AM
what did u think of halo? (i dont have a system yet) how were the graphics?:)

12-22-2001, 10:03 AM
Lightwave... The graphics are outstanding thats are there is to say about it. Hands down!

12-22-2001, 02:44 PM
HOLY SH*T!!!! Halo is AWESOME!! The pictures I saw are nothing compared to actually seeing it. My only problem is the controls. I like the Warthog. It's pretty fun to drive.

I started off playing Amped then I went to HALO then Munch's Oddysee and now I'm playing NFL Fever 2002. I played for 5 1/2 hours straight. The Xbox is so much better than I expected it to be. I like being able to copy your own music tracks from CD's but it takes way too long to copy them to the Hard Drive. I was going crazy last night because of all the game time I missed.

Anyway, IT KICKS ASS!!

12-22-2001, 10:24 PM
Originally posted by WynnFire
What is Big, Black, and has a Green Circle in the middle???

Hmmm, a black guys ***** with a weird case of Herpes!

12-22-2001, 10:30 PM
Q.whats better then gc?

A.well of course its x-box