View Full Version : NHL Hitz 2002 owner

12-22-2001, 12:11 AM
I love this game. I have had it a few weeks, and it gets a lot of playing time between the kids and I. It's not like a game that attempts to be true to the sport hockey in every way, but it's a lot of fun if you do not care about that stuff. We were up until 3am last weekened playing this game until we woke up Mom with our big mouths 1 to many times and she turned off the xbox. This game gets the thumbs up from me. We have been strictly NHL 1998-2000 NHL series hockey players the last few years, and we had a lot more fun with this one than we did the more realistic hockey games. Have not tried it as a 1 player game, but with 3 people it's a blast!