View Full Version : Kill.switch using Renderware

10-09-2003, 02:26 PM
Criterion Software, the world's leading provider of game development solutions, announces that RenderWare Studio and RenderWare Graphics have been used to develop kill.switch(tm), the highly anticipated third-person tactical military shooter from leading developer and publisher, Namco Hometek Inc. The game is being developed for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox videogame system from Microsoft and is due for launch next month.

Developed by Namco Hometek's internal development team, kill.switch brings a fresh treatment to the tactical military shooter genre, with a unique gameplay mechanic that supports and enforces the use of cover tactics, providing a highly enriched combat experience that stands apart from other games in the same genre. The use of RenderWare Studio and RenderWare Graphics has enabled the team to efficiently manage the game's build process and overcome the technical hurdles within the development cycle. By being able to focus their time and energy on delivering superior graphics and this unique gameplay, Namco is set to redefine the tactical military shooter genre.

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