View Full Version : WWE RAW 2 WTF?!

Matt Freegard
10-10-2003, 08:39 AM
Let me get one thing straight...I took peoples advice on this forum and bought WWE RAW 2 and although the graphics and gameplay are good,the numerous flaws and glitchs really ruin it for me!

1.Why does it take so long for the AI to look at someone else!?
2.Why,in season mode,do your enimies attack your opponent?
3.When your hanging of the belt how do you pull it down?
4.Why,when you interupt a match,do you after a while get controlled by the computor?

IS there anything to make these problems barable?I don't want this game turing into a two-day return!

10-10-2003, 10:13 AM
I own the game and think its great, it does have alot of little glitches and stuff in it but it doen't bother me. For your questions

1.I don't know but all you have to do is run out of the ring and stay away for a minute and they will look away.

2.Because the people who made the game are idiots.

3.This is what made me mad at first but know the match is really easy, In a ladder match beat the heck out of the oponet put the ladder in the ring(set up or not) get your voltage ready for a special, get your opponet outside the ring do the special run back in the ring set the ladder up and get on the belt, if your on the belt before he gets back in the ring he runs in circles like a idiot leaving you all the time you need to get the belt, while you are up there you need to rotate the D pad or anolag stick while pressing X and A it takes awhile but it should work.

4.I have no idea and this really gets on my nerves, but just get in the ring do a special or two then get out before the computer takes over.

Hope somthing helped.

Matt Freegard
10-10-2003, 10:25 AM
The ladder problem helps and jumping out the ring before the AI takes over works but still,haven't you noticed how obviously overlooked these problems are?

I have no problems in multiplayer and no problems making CAW but the season mode is crap!:mad:

Did you hear that after RAW 2 went on sell,THQ and Anchor fired their teams responsible for it's development!:cheers:

Good desicion,I'll keep RAW 2 for the CAW and the excellent multiplayer but apart form that,you wont see me playing on it much...:(

10-10-2003, 09:38 PM
if u watche RAW on tv u will know some of the main rivalries and the game is WAY off on them. Goldberg and TTT are HUGE rivals and the rivalry list for TTT doesnt even say goldberg as a threat and the same goes with golberg. their are MANY MANY more flaws with the game but nontheless it is fun to kill ur friend who owns the game:cheers: