View Full Version : xbox vs Geforce

12-23-2001, 10:00 AM
Which is better
the graphical unit in xbox nv2a
or the geforce3 ti500

is youre into games
what would be the better buy of the 2

the xbox

or Ti500 for my comp

12-23-2001, 02:51 PM
Two different chips built off of the same core for two different purposes.

I wouldn't compare them.

The next Geforce card coming in March will have all of the features as the NV2a plus more and some new changes as well. (rumored until official press release made by nvidia a week before launch)

They will still be different though because one is built in a unified system and bypasses most of the problems that arise in the PC world. The graphic potential of either card will be taken by the PC counterpart in less than a year. Meaning that the PC will be able to achieve better graphics than the xbox but few game designers will take advantage of the new power for at least another year while every game made for the xbox has one chip to design for and take advantage of.

I think the nv2a in the xbox has some very long legs and we have yet to see a game actually try and stretch them.

12-23-2001, 03:44 PM
You know you want the great and almighty Xbox. There will be diffrent games for comp than there will be for Xbox. Although Halo would be great with internet on comp. This question is more personal opinion. If you like comp games better than console then get the ti500. If you like xbox games better get Xbox.

12-23-2001, 06:29 PM
For the price, the Xbox is a better deal by far. But its not like you can use the XBox video card in your comp so its kind of pointless to compare them. Games always look better in the future. Its just that way. A game 2 years from now that shows the XBox's power and video card strength will make you think the deal is even better than it is today. And you have to be crazy if you think the XBox isint a good deal.