View Full Version : Grant City Anti-Crime Preview

10-20-2003, 03:16 PM
Namco heads back to Grant City in First Strike, a third-person action game that's a precursor to its 2002 release Dead to Rights (DTR). Previously known as Extreme Force: Grant City Anti-Crime, First Strike has some similarities to DTR, but is heavier on stealth-action elements and eschews the bullet-time effect. Though it doesn't appear to have much originality, the game may turn out to be a thrilling action title that skilled gamers will enjoy.

First Strike takes place five years before DTR and contains some of the same supporting characters. Some players will recall that not everyone in the Grant City Police Department was an honorable defender of the law. The narrative of this game helps explain how Grant City became such a corrupt little town. You play a member of the GCPD that realizes something fishy is going on in the force. The puppet masters see that you're close to discovering them, so they try to frame you up. In a twist that's similar to Minority Report, your fellow task force members and the real bad guys are out to get you.

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