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10-21-2003, 10:43 PM
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What new features will a fan of the Fallout franchise find in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel?

Chris P: The primary goal of F:BoS is to deliver an action game experience, so fans of the Fallout franchise will be able to experience that same world with a lot more intensity - real-time combat and streamlined game systems make for a lot faster pace. But we're not forgetting all of the things that make a Fallout game, and we've included a lot of cool role-playing elements to satisfy fans of the older games as well as anyone who'd enjoy interacting with the stylized post-apocalyptic setting.

We give the player a lot of things to explore, develop, and interact with, true to the style of a good Fallout game. The game's streamlined character development aspects are based upon the Fallout SPECIAL system. Players acquire experience points by killing enemies and completing quest objectives. Building up experience lets players build up their base combat statistics, increase skills with different weapon classes, or develop special skills (ex. augment their bartering abilities to get better prices at stores).

There's also lots of role-playing for the player to do in NPC interaction, more than just accepting quests and fetching objects for the different characters. You can trade with the town merchant, get a drink from the bartender, sleep with the prostitute, **** off the mayor, lie to the doctor, collect junk for the engineer (which he'll assemble into a weapon), and so on.


10-21-2003, 11:06 PM
Man thats not the Fallout i have come to love. They shouldnt even use the name Fallout. People that have played it know exactly what i mean. This looks like a another half hearted attempt just like tactics.