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10-23-2003, 04:41 PM
Nick Kang (Russell Wong): Age 32, half Asian, half Caucasian, all attitude. He is tough, honorable, and cool as a bullet. Kang never met a hot chick he didn't like or a crook that didn't need his ass kicked. He grew up on streets of Hong Kong only to become an LA cop just like his father. Kang is the consummate detective but remains a lone wolf in the department because where Nick goes, collateral damage follows. The disappearance of his father two decades ago amidst Internal Affairs drug charges doesn't help either. Yes, Nick has a chip on his shoulder, but he is a go-to man both feared and respected. After being reinstated to The Chief's new EOD task force, Nick sets out to save the city he has grown to love and perhaps discover some answers to his past.

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