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10-23-2003, 05:46 PM
Just over two years ago, Genki, the development house behind such driving action games as Tokyo Xtreme Racer and the upcoming The Fast and the Furious, announced an Xbox-exclusive title called Maximum Chase. Since the announcement, little has been shown of the game save for a few appearances at the Tokyo Game Show. Maximum Chase puts you in the role of a Los Angeles police officer named Rick Summer, who is thrust into a plot--which could have easily come out of a Jerry Bruckheimer production--that involves the threat of nuclear attack against the city by a narcotics kingpin, and a mysterious woman who is being chased by an armada of anonymous bad guys. As Rick, you'll have to eliminate the criminal threat by driving and shooting your way through the streets of LA. The release date for Maximum Chase is fast approaching, so we recently took the opportunity to play through a near-complete build of the game, and though it is not without its hitches, we like what we've seen thus far.

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