View Full Version : Auto Modellista Coming to XBox

10-24-2003, 02:04 PM
Looks like XBox is getting some Cell Shaded racing goodness in Capcom's Auto Modellista. The game will feature XBox live support for up to 8 racers and improved graphics. Now the only question is...custom soundtracks?

Xbox Live compatibility - players will be able to race with seven other gamers and chat online using the Xbox Live network.

Innovative Graphics - A totally new visual presentation that captures the true essence of racing, a new 3-D cel-shaded art style is implemented that gives a fresh look to the genre. The sense of speed tearing the air apart and the impact of tires grabbing the pavement are stunningly reproduced.

Choose from an enormous selection of world-renowned vehicles from Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Subaru.

Speed through diverse courses - Auto Modellista showcases numerous environments including racing circuits, cityscapes and mountain passes with an entirely new approach.

Choose an array of Capcom decals and dress up your car with your favorite characters

More game details at EvilAvatar.com

dd deezenuts
10-24-2003, 02:19 PM
auto molesta sounds fun

Ford Mustang
10-24-2003, 02:24 PM
I love racing games, but I'm not a fan of Cell Shading, so I'll pass this one up. Nice to have it added to the library though, I guess. :)

10-24-2003, 04:41 PM
meh. this game wasn't good on ps2, so i don't know why there's bothering.

Cloud Strife
10-24-2003, 07:38 PM
All I have to say is don't be too excited about this game. I already played the PS2 version and it wasn't really all that good. Unless Capcom fixes some of the control problems, I would not buy it. I like Capcom bu I just don't understand why they felt Auto Modellista should control like a rally racing game.

Xbox has much better racers anyway.