View Full Version : whats lan?

06-26-2001, 04:23 PM
can someone explain it to me

06-26-2001, 05:49 PM
::cracks fingers::

here we go...

LAN stands for Local Area Network. I can best describe it like this.


Okay, By itself the xbox is really lonely. But, using a special newtork cable, they are linked together giving each gamer there own screen to compete, or, 8 players total.

A LAN is usually bigger..


Ahhh now its a party!

Take halo for example. With this setup, you could have 4 people with their own TV's to play with (or monitors) or 8 with split screen, or 12 with 3 on each console, or a whopping 16 players! Now supposedly, microsoft says that up to 32 xboxes can be linked together! Thats alot. I hope its clearer to you.

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06-26-2001, 08:22 PM
i think i got it now