View Full Version : Xbox Bundle Causes UK Sales to Slightly Surge

10-29-2003, 09:33 AM
After falling behind GameCube for the first time in months, Xbox is back in second place according to ChartTrack's UK weekly hardware sales. The public has responded to Microsoft's new bundle initiative by driving sales for the week ending October 25 by over 80 percent on the previous week's figure.
In contrast, after two hugely successful weeks for Nintendo, GameCube sales dropped off by around 20 percent, falling back behind Xbox into third place, though Nintendo is likely to be buoyed by the release of several tiple-A first party titles in the run up to Christmas, not least Mario Kart: Double Dash!! due November 14.

PS2 unsurprisingly remained well clear of the competition, outselling nearest rival Xbox by almost four to one, despite only a slight increase in sales over the previous week's figures.

Nevertheless, Microsoft will see this as justification of its decision to offer a value bundle rather than slash the price outright, although it should be noted that the rise of 80 percent is nowhere near as meteoric as that achieved by both Sony and GameCube after respective price cuts, which were well over 300 percent.

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