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10-30-2003, 10:38 PM
Since the days of the dreamcast I have had come to favor some game deveopers. Some games may only be published by them but...
Microsoft Game Studios-amped, quantum redshift, blinx,Project gotham,
Sega-sonic, jsrf, jet grind radio, shemnue 2, Otogi, crazy taxi
Acclaim-XGRA, burnout 2
Activision-wreckless, vigilante 8, blue stinger, doom 3
Tecmo-dead or alive, ninja gaiden
Lucas Arts-star wars, indiana jones
And Namco-both soul caliburs

I know there are many great games I didn't list but these are the ones i can remember or am still playing.
Right now IMO ubisoft is the best right now, most of there games are really anticipated and good sellers. They make the xbox look really good too. The voice cammands technology in Rainbow six sounds really cool and it probably will be. They don't be ignorant like midway and ea and do a half ass job. I think that tecmo favors the xbox. They put alot of time and quality in there games and alot of them are exclusive too. What are developers or whatever you favor and why?

10-31-2003, 12:51 AM
Wreckless was the worst game i every play and/or wasted 50$ on. It is total ccrap. Graphics were good though:)

10-31-2003, 01:02 AM
I got it for 5 canadian bucks because i get two games and the third one is almost free at this little store.

10-31-2003, 01:28 AM
visual concepts cuz they make the epsn sports games like NFL NBA and MLB the best out there!!

10-31-2003, 03:10 AM
I like Bungie. They made a little game called HALO!!!!!! :cheers:

10-31-2003, 06:27 AM
Ubi Soft - One of my favorite developers/producers because they have made some of my favorite games of all time. Many years ago, when the first Rainbow Six game came out, I was totally obsessed with it. Now, with Rainbow Six 3 out, I can enjoy the series again. They have also developed Splinter Cell, another one of my favorite games. Ubi Soft has made a good name for itself with such top quality games.

Upcoming Games from Ubi Soft: Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, Far Cry, Prince of Persia, Beyond Good & Evil, XIII, etc.

Sega - Another one of my favorite developers/producers because they created one of the best series' of all time; Sonic. The Genesis Sonic games are just so amazing. Also, I'm quite impressed with Otogi. For GameCube, F-Zero GX is a damn good game, also.

Upcoming Games from Sega: Sonic Hero's, Shenmue 3, Vitua Fighter Quest, Outrun 2, etc.

Valve - My favorite developer, period. These people created the best game of all time, Half-Life. I absolutely adore the Half-Life series, and Half-Life 2 is my most anticipated game ever.

Upcoming Games from Valve: Half-Life 2, Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Counter Strike X, Team Fortress 2. (I know Valve isnt developing the Counter Strike games, but its using Valves modified Quake 2 engine.)

FuNkY mOnK
10-31-2003, 07:06 AM
Got to go with ubisoft, Bioware, and soon to be proven Big blue box.

10-31-2003, 07:48 AM
Ubisoft, Sega, and Bungie:D