View Full Version : Dead Man's Hand Developers Diary Part 1

10-31-2003, 09:21 AM
There's a programmer over on the couch, and I think he might be dead.
It's a distinct possibility, considering the 18-plus hour days the team has been working for the last few weeks in our final push towards gold on Dead Man's Hand. The programmers have it particularly rough, diving headfirst into the dark corners of the code where the last few bugs lurk. Content locked, the rest of us have our own Sisyphean job, playing the game over and over, trying to tease the bugs to out of hiding. Well over a hundred bugs have already been stomped, but there's always the fear that there might be Just One More.

So we play, and then we play some more. Each time I have to force myself to forget everything I know and think how the level would appear to a new player, or how it might be played differently. This time I play with the shotgun and shoot out every window. Next time I take the pepperbox and aim for enemies' hats. Later I'll try for long shot chains and high scores. It's getting to the point where I hear the game's theme music in my sleep - which I suppose is to be expected when I sleep under my desk. (Only once, when the couch wasn't available.)

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