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11-01-2003, 01:48 PM
SWAT: GTS is a first-person, single-player focused action shooter that provides immediate action and the instant gratification console gamers have come to expect. Like real life S.W.A.T., SWAT: GTS is a life saving organization and rewards players for saving lives, not killing. As a member of the SWAT Global Strike Team gamers will be called to duty at a moment’s notice, confronted with missions unlike any see before.

You are Mathias Kincaid, a former member of the U.S. Army’s elite Delta Force turned SWAT: GST element leader. You will command your teammates, a veteran sniper and an expert technical specialist, through several diverse missions while maintaining the tactical upper hand over your enemy. To preserve the peace there are certain fundamentals that you must exploit that will contribute mission success including; the environment, the latest gear and advanced weaponry, and the element of surprise.

Command your teammates by issuing orders using either the intuitive controller interface or the optional voice recognition system. The optional microphone will take advantage of the expansion slot on the Xbox controller or the USB port on the PS2. SWAT: GST also features a wide-array of multi-player features, ranging from split-screen Co-Op play and Deathmatch.

Arm Your Team
Outfit your team with a wide range of specialized weapons, advanced intelligence technology, and deployables:
Weapons include submachine guns, shotguns, Tranquilizer pistols, sniper rifles, and more.
Intelligence technology includes night vision imaging systems, fiber optic cameras, satellite reconnaissance, and more.
Handheld deployables include CS gas grenades, concussion grenades, flash bangs, and more.
Upgradeable weapons and cool SWAT technologies - Assault rifles, flash-bangs, gas masks, and night-vision headgear.
For more information of how to become a part of the SWAT team, log on to http://swatgst.sierra.com

No Fear 23
11-01-2003, 01:58 PM
i tohught that game was already out :huh: