View Full Version : UK Release Date for GTA3/VC double pack

11-03-2003, 04:22 PM
Does anyone know the UK release date for the GTA3/VC double pack?

I've looked on the publishers website - no mention. Gameplay.com say January 2004, Play.com say end of November, Amazon say 5th December....Who is right? I've searched the web but nothing definite.

I know it's supposed to be out in America this week. Sh1t like this really hacks me off, especially region lockout. It's not as if they've stated the European version will have enhancements to the US version. Makes getting the Xbox chipped ever more tempting......

Calms down as he remembers Project Gotham Racing 2 is out on the 28th November, ie not too long after the US release date. Played the demo form OXM and it kicks ass! Ten times better than the first one. The graphics are unbelievable. Can't wait to play it on Xbox Live.