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11-04-2003, 01:32 AM
Remember Giants: Citizen Kabuto? Came out on PC and PS2? Mixture of third-person shooter and realtime strategy game? Really weird, Monty Python-ish plot? Well, stand up and pay attention: not only is Armed and Dangerous the newest title from the Giants guys at Planet Moon Studios; it's also looking every bit the demented trip their last game was.

The hero in A&D is Roman, ****ney criminal mastermind and head of a group of bandits called the Lionhearts. Roman and crew aren't a jolly group of thugs making merry around London Town, however – they're in the land of Milola, there's weird monsters and demi-humans wandering around, and the evil King Forge has been laying waste to quite a lot of it. Together with henchmen Jonesy, Q1-11 and Rexus, Roman is setting off to steal the Book of Rule, the kingdom's most priceless artifact...and, in the process, somehow falls into the rebellion effort against the King. Thievery works like that sometimes.

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