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11-14-2003, 12:21 PM

For those in the Detroit (Livonia, Canton, Down River)

Checkout: http://www.dust-and-echoes.com/forum/default.asp

This is the forum webspace of a weekly Halo LAN. We average around 10 players a week. The important thing here is that these guys are consistant, dedicated, and always welcoming new players.

This group is made up of "mature gamers" and there is an 18 and over age limit in place. We play a lot of Halo and actually keep stats in a League type format.

Check out the website and drop us a line in the forums.


11-14-2003, 12:37 PM
Very nice. Couple of things: you might have wanted to put this in General Discussion or Off Topic, as it'd get more views that way. Also, I don't know if the mods will have anything to say about this (I don't see it as advertising, which is frowned upon, but maybe they might).

This is really a great idea. I'd like to do something like this in my area for Xbox only LANs. There is a giant PC LAN group here in Albuq., but they are strictly PC. Nothing really organized for Xbox, though. :(

Oh, and welcome to the Asylum. :cheers: