View Full Version : Microsoft's Xbox Warranty

11-15-2003, 10:16 PM
OK heres the deal...

I got my xbox for christmas...it was buggy, it would freeze and the music would skip and mess up if I paused it for too long, and sometimes just not play at all regardless...so, they picked it up, 'fixed' it, and sent it back to me...I didn't really notice anything wrong with it, until about two months ago. On Hitman 2, if I paused it, or played for more than an hour...I can't think of specific instances with any other games, but I know there are some...I want to send it back to them to fix it again, but the tray is broken (i turned it on and the tray snapped when i pressed eject...), and it doesn't play CD-Rs, like the 'new' xboxs do..if I sent it in to them, would they fix the tray, even if its not hardware? And would they add compatability for CD-Rs?