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11-15-2003, 11:41 PM
"And for more information on Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This at Home, keep your eyes on G4 over this Thanksgiving break. Lead Designer, and champion of all that is BYW: Don't Try This at Home, Kevin Gill goes one on one with the G4 crew. From Americas backyard into Americas livingrooms...just in time for those cold turkey sandwhiches, Backyard Wrestling takes to the airwaves!"

The Backyard Wrestling Juggernaut has arrived in the US and is in stores now for PS2 and XBOX. We've gotten so much postive press on Backyard Wrestling: Dont Try This at home, that we've decided to create a new trailer.



We hid some unusual features in BYW, and now we'll tell you how to unlock them!!!! If you want to Unlock Cheats with CAW Names, all you have to do is create a wrestler using the following names, and you'll get the CHEAT!!

rtaylor - Big Head
okendall - Big Hands
tpiperi - Big Feet
jgintu - Halo
pjefferies - Ghost
ksimeonov - Greyscale
ewilliams - Wireframe
edma - First Person Camera
tho - Big Head, Big Hands, and Big Feet
pstapley - Toon Character (XBOX ONLY)
mbilodeau - Toon Backgrounds (XBOX ONLY)
mstapley - Toon Backgrounds (XBOX ONLY)