View Full Version : Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer Interview

11-17-2003, 07:24 PM
This seems like a tired question but it’s a good opener: What did the team learn with Hunter The Reckoning that helped in the development of Redeemer?

Not a tired question at all. Really! We do a great deal of research after our games ship to find out what gamers liked about the product, as well as what they would have liked to see done differently. I spent a lot of time checking out reviews and the message boards to get a feel for what people wanted to see in the next game. Based on the feedback we received, we incorporated fade-able objects into the new game to allow us to use complex environments, levels with pillars, and mausoleums for example, without obstructing the camera. We also found that we could make better use of polygons to allow for larger levels without sacrificing the look of the characters in the game. There are more but that gives you an idea of just a few of the things we learned that we wanted to get into the new game.

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