View Full Version : What is the worst game on the xbox?

11-18-2003, 09:56 PM
What game you think is the worsest?If you hate a game,then post your messages right here.Yes,there are games that are crap.Why does Microsoft let publishers even put this pathetic crap on the xbox.The crappy,pathetic,and worthless games make the xbox look bad.I hope Microsoft hears this that theres games that loyal xbox dont want.I hope that crappy games are destroyed.Why publishers even bother making crappy games that are not even going to sell.Why dont they sell their crap on the play station 2or the gamecube.Ohh I forgot Gamecube and the PS2 are already crap.

Thanks for taking your time what games are crap and shouldnt be on xbox.All xbox addicts should build an association of anti crap games.Why do they even make this sh#@?

P.S:F$#@ all xbox and Halo and Xbox addict haters. :cuss: Post a game that is crap so other gamers shouldnt buy this game.:watchout: