View Full Version : How long did it take you to beat True Crime?

OC Noob
11-23-2003, 12:08 PM
How long did it take you to get to the first ending and did you do many side missions?


11-30-2003, 09:10 AM
I finished the PS2 version in one day. Got it in the post in the morning, and had finished it by the evening! Then took it back to GAME the next day :p

I don't know if this only happens in the PS2 version either, but it's REALLY glitchy, sometimes I'm just driving down the highway and I'll fall through the road to my death :huh:

But I suppose we can expect these sort of glitches with a game so big...

11-30-2003, 10:51 AM
I didn't like TC:SoLA very much (see my review to find out why :) ), but it took less than 2 days to beat every level (and boy howdy i'm glad i just rented it)