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12-31-2001, 12:03 PM
I'm stuck in Max Payne and sick of trying to get myself out. I'm on the shipping docks with all the containers. I killed everybody (they had it coming), found the sniper rifle, but I can't get out of the level. The only way out looks like a big metal door with a buttom to the right. When I press it (about 60 times now) it just clicks. Thanks in advance for the help.

12-31-2001, 01:34 PM
Welcome to the forums, Alvin.

This very question has been answered already, but since you are new, I won't force you to go searching for the answer.

The level you are referring to is the only part in the game that actually had me vexed for quite a bit of time. I was ecstatic when finally figured it out.

Anyways, you'll notice that the farthest you can go seems to be a dead end. There is a small, wooden boat leaning up in the corner of the caged area, and you appear to be stuck...right?

Read the wall signs posted in that area. After that, read the wall signs again. Eventually it will sink in what it is that you have to do. Make sure to look very carefully through fences, etc. and your next course of action will become apparent.

Just don't leave that area. This is where you need to be in order to progress in the game, so don't do like I did and attempt to backtrack looking for an alternate route--there aint one.

Good luck.

12-31-2001, 02:45 PM

Thanks for the clue and the welcome. I haven't had a game system for many years and am having a blast with the Xbox.

Looks like I'll have some "reading" to after work!

01-08-2002, 07:15 PM
All you need to do is find that sign that shws a wedge and it reads, "WARNING: All vehicles must have wheel wedges to prevent from rolling" r smething like that. Then look for a truck that has a wedge holding its tire is place... sht the wedge... AND PRESTO! It makes a bridge fall down to cross!

01-13-2002, 09:29 PM
I Was Stuck At That Part 2 I Got So ****ed For A While