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11-13-2000, 09:02 PM
New press release from Xbox.com...

BOULDER, COLO, Nov. 10, 2000 - VR-1, the premier developer of massive multi-user online gaming technologies and content applications, today announced it has partnered with Microsoft Corp. to create exclusive content for Xbox, Microsoft’s future-generation videogame console, slated for a worldwide release in the fall of 2001.

The announcement was made today by VR-1 executives and by representatives of VR-1’s parent company, Circadence Corp.

"We’re delighted to have the opportunity to continue our relationship with Microsoft by creating a marquee title for the Xbox,” said Circadence President and CEO Michael J. Moniz. “Microsoft has enlisted the expertise of an impressive group of developers and VR-1’s talented development team is very excited to be a part of this project."

Microsoft recently announced that it has partnered with 19 top development studios, including VR-1, to create Xbox games under the Microsoft label. “Xbox is rapidly gaining popularity among leading game developers and we look forward to providing our partners with the resources and support needed to create great content for Xbox and Microsoft,” said Ed Fries, Vice President of Games Publishing at Microsoft.

In addition to this current project, VR-1 previously developed online games for the MSN Gaming Zone including Fighter Ace and Fighter Ace II.

"VR-1 is committed to developing top-notch games that utilize our industry-leading tools and technology while pushing the boundaries of creativity,” said Brian Ullrich, VR-1 Executive Vice President. “This newest partnership will enable us to deliver the most intense and realistic experience available to gamers through Xbox’s future-generation technology."

Microsoft expects to announce additional details on its Xbox titles currently in development over the next few months.

About VR-1

Based in Boulder, CO. with development facilities in St. Petersburg, Tokyo and Canada, VR-1 was founded in 1993 as the premier developer of massive multi-user online entertainment technologies and content applications. VR-1 is the entertainment division of Circadence Corp. VR-1’s proprietary Conductor® application mitigates the limitations of the Internet by managing bandwidth more efficiently and reducing latency. For more information, visit www.vr1.com. (http://www.vr1.com.)

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Cool..that's great news! Thanks for the info man!

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Great news bit!