View Full Version : ATTENTION Oddworld owners

01-01-2002, 06:41 PM
I plan on getting Oddworld this week, and I found an online guide for it. But, I was wondering. Will I have more fun going through the game at first without the guide, and just trying everything myself, or should I use the guide and just finish the game right, getting angelic quarma? I personally think it would be best for me to do it myself, it might be more fun? Thoughts anyone? It will help a gamer looking for fun, or looking to beat the game quick and right.

01-01-2002, 06:50 PM
buy it but 1st go without it and then play it a 2nd time and use it its just more fun without it

01-01-2002, 08:43 PM
I didn't need a guide. The puzzles aren't THAT tough. Figuring them out is the whole point. :)

01-01-2002, 09:45 PM
K, thanks. I read through it a bit, but I wont remember how to do everything becaus eI hardly know what it says without the game.

Also, would a puzzle be considered like trying to get from one place to another, keeping your guys alive, and killing the bad guys? Things like that?

01-01-2002, 09:51 PM
Yes, the puzzles mainly consist of staying alive and rescue.

I would call it an puzzle/action game with multiple solutions. There were a few times when I completed a level and realized there was a much easier way to do it. But that's the beauty of Oddworld. If you can of it you can do it.

And if you complete (and enjoy) Oddworld and want to step up to a bigger challenge you might want to try Azurik. Your life will never be the same.