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07-10-2001, 08:42 AM
I've read numerous magazines like EGM and they said that the "hunk of silicon and plastic that they call a controller" needs to be redesigned. I dont know about you but I'm buying Gamecube before i even think about buying X-Box.

07-10-2001, 11:03 AM
I've read a lot of stuff. First I did read the same EGM article about the box's controller. It kinda scared me, I thought well if it's a piece of crap then I'll just get a 3rd party controller that is lighter and has a better button layout. But the more I read about the controller, I started seeing more and more people agree on one thing. It is really big and heavy and the button layout really sucks but after you spend an hour with it then it will feel really natural.

07-10-2001, 04:16 PM
Yah, EGM said that the Face Buttons are too close too

07-10-2001, 06:52 PM
I'll wait to hold it myself to form my own opinion.

I don't let others make them for me.

07-10-2001, 08:05 PM
You go ahead and do that

07-10-2001, 10:42 PM
I think it will be a dream to use once you get used to it. I've heard it has two slots in the back like the DC controller, is that right? Are they both memory card slots like the DC one?

07-11-2001, 10:45 AM
if you dont like x-box then wtf you postin here for? your goin to let a little controller change your mind to get that ****ty machine called gamecube that is made for little kids?

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07-11-2001, 04:35 PM
Well, the XBox is going to be good but, i heard that there will be better games for the Gamecube than the Xbox at launch. The Gamecube is not for little children either.

dances with broom sticks
07-11-2001, 05:25 PM
WTF!!!! NOT THIS AgAIN!!!!!!!!! it is just like the dreamcast... when i first picked that controller up i almost died! it was sooo acward... after 10 minutes i had a hard time with n64 and psone controllers...
and chrismarchant... do me a huge favor... NEVER POST HERE AGAIN! lol just kiddin but if u do feel like postin about the gcn bein better go read the 9 pages in the suddenly i fear for the xbox thread first.... i have a feelin u wont have anything new to say...

07-11-2001, 07:20 PM
Well, I have a Dreamcast and I could use the controller in about 15 mins. I dont know for sure how bad the controller is going to be, but why didnt microsoft make the controller like the sidewinder? The sidewinder feels comfortable right when you put it in your hands.

07-11-2001, 09:30 PM
The xbox controller looks really nice, like the dc controller. The n64 felt perfect in my hands but the stick was a piece of crap, I've had to buy two controllers because of all that white crap that comes out the more you use it plus if you have to rotate it a lot your thumb slips off, not good when you're on the verge of dying anyways. I love the dual shock's feel. I really can't wait to try out the XBOX controller though.

07-12-2001, 09:51 AM
I agree with seth.

dances with broom sticks
07-12-2001, 03:27 PM
yea the n64 felt good but the joystick SUCKED! the white ****... then if your thimb started sweating good luck playing ANYthing! and did any of u play mario party? with the rotating of the stick? OUCH!

07-12-2001, 06:35 PM
Actually I figured out how to get the most of the N64 stick in games where you have to rotate the stick so damn much you feel like it's gonna snap off, HATE THOSE DAMN GAMES. Anyways, you put the palm of your hand over the stick, that way it won't slip as much and if it does you're more than likely to be in control of it. The downfall of it is after you do that your palm is frickin' pink and your hand is hurting like hell. The last game I played like that was one of those Olympic games like Sydney or Track and Field 2000 or some crap game like that. God I hate buttom masher games!!!

07-12-2001, 07:30 PM
Anyone remember the original Track and Field on the NES and you could use that big Twister-like running mat with the big buttons? Haha that was pretty cool. At least you got some exsercise while playing video games.

07-12-2001, 10:52 PM
Track and Field was awesome!!!

That'd wipe you out after a night of playing that.

07-12-2001, 11:26 PM
The graphics of T&F were good but you didn't really notice them because you spent more time watching the meter get exactly perfect for your timing to even place somewhat decently.

07-13-2001, 04:19 AM
I liked the DC controller and actually didn't notice a problem with it until I heard someone mention it online. Until then I never noticed that my thumb was a bit scrunched up to the side of my hand. Microsoft already said they improved on the design of the DC controller as well and the analogue sticks aren't in awkward places. That's why we have third party peripherals.. I've never trusted them, though. They don't seem to be as high quality. (From my experience, that is) Well, whatever people like. Just try it before you knock it and don't let other people shape your opinion.

07-13-2001, 11:06 AM
I got a huge blister from playing Mario Party where you would have to rotate the joystick in your palm.

07-13-2001, 12:36 PM
Something else I hated about the N64 controller was it was SO big!!! I mean it was practically the size of the N64 itself. Hey guys I have a question for you. I was in an X-thread last night and as usual there were about me and two other Xmen in there(not the comic guys) and like 5 lamecubers. My question is, I've heard good stuff about the GC controller and I've also heard bad stuff as well. Do you think more people will prefer it over the XBOX controller? I mean many people absolutely loved the DC controller and the box is just slightly better made. Do you think the GC one will be "hands down the best controller in this industry"??? Has anyone used both of them yet?

07-13-2001, 01:58 PM
The GC controller has been voted better by every magaizine i've read.

07-13-2001, 02:47 PM
after a long and hard research on the controller i have came up with this. "there is a lot of buttons" nobody can prove me wrong. but i think that could be a good thing. on some games you play one button does 3 different things and that sux. well i think with a few hours of playin x-box and you will be like damn, this controller is actually pretty good. at least thats what i hope i will say

07-13-2001, 02:50 PM
Instead of getting into a bigass debate about different controllers,let me put it this way...

If you're not gonna get a console just because a magazine said so,and you aren't willing try it out for yourself,then you're a ****in' moron that shouldn't be on these boards in the first place.

Lioness has spoken.

07-13-2001, 03:16 PM
Couldn't have said that any better, huh? If I knew the GBA's size was going to give me Carpel Tunnel's Syndrome and the screen was going to make my eyes sensitive to real light I wouldn't have bought it, either. No that's $20 for a grip accessory, $20 for a light accessory.. $40 per game.. I'm a sucker. See, I do buy some of Nintendo's garbage. If the Cube's anything like their GBA in how it ****ed me around then no thanks.

On the lighter side of things.. The X-Box controller has been play tested by adults, not kids. They said something like over 600 hours of playtesting to determine which design they'd use.. They based everything on the level of comfort an adult would have holding the controller. So if you're an adult--which I think most of you are seeing as teens want a Cube for the most part (Hey, when I was a Teen still and N64 came out that's what I wanted..)--then you'll probably find the controller very comfortable to hold after trying it for awhile.

07-13-2001, 09:13 PM
Microsoft did a lot of group testing on how people wanted a console and a controller to be. According to the controller many people really enjoyed the layout and comfort of the dreamcast controller. I think that is exactly why the xbox looks so much like the dc controller.

how about a new topic???

07-13-2001, 09:43 PM
Yah, new topic.

07-14-2001, 10:42 AM
"I think, therefore I am"

Looks like you let others do the thinking for you.

07-19-2001, 03:13 AM
hmm i like stories.

07-19-2001, 04:11 AM
I Liked It... So there. :)

07-19-2001, 11:06 AM
So? I dont like to think on my break!:o

07-19-2001, 08:03 PM
Kangaroos jump over fences cause the moon is too high


07-19-2001, 11:46 PM
<font color=darkgreen> Whoa, that was wrong to edit my reply.

Marque does not steal any bandwidth dude. ;) </font>

07-20-2001, 01:11 PM
I think the xbox controller looks brill.

dances with broom sticks
07-20-2001, 10:25 PM
man i can just feel it in my hand! i think it will be the best controller yet! perfect for all genres! sports,action,fps,rpg, u name it weveryone (that counts (that excludes fanboys)will love it!

07-30-2001, 01:14 AM
green crystal sucks. take it off.

why does the controller look like a starship from Star Wars -Episode: 1?

07-30-2001, 06:31 AM
they've changed the green jewel to black with a green x,
besides whats wrong with it? it just adds colour to the controller is it gonna hurt? and as for the starship WTF are you talkin about?

07-30-2001, 07:54 AM
GameCube launch games better then XBOX launch list don't make laugh. XBOX dosen't even have a launch list, but its harsh that u try to compare. Its funny, but i think i saw every GameCube game on that launch before. GameCube is not kiddie, but they are going for a younger crowd. Just look at there launch title. They suck to me and the only game that got my eye is Super Smash Bros. Meele. GameCube don't got MGSX, SHX, GTA3,Halo, Projet Gotham Racing or Project Ego, but they do got Luigi Mansion, Pikimin, Pokemon, and Star Fox. You pick do u want new games or ones u played before. Overall i pick XBOX over GameCube anyday. In stop *****ing about the controller. MadCatz made a Xbox controller that look liked they fixed everything anyway.