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12-13-2003, 11:13 PM
I just rented PGR 2 for a week to see if I was interested in buying it... I turned it on and the game was sick it has some of the best graphics and detail to the cars I have ever seen and the scenery is just as great. Only thing is I am good at all car games I beat them all easy except this one I get Platinum rarely and gold the same and silver seems to be the average. This game is a little to hard and it makes it frustrating. And again they made the game with guard rails so you can only drive on the tracks they made through the cities another drag. I beat the games at the silver level and got 3 locked cars for it. one for each level beat, steel, bronze and silver. Nice cars but they could have had betters ones to work for and the 2 top cars that I never got aren't even worth trying for they suck. The world kudos challenge or race whatever its called is all thats worth playing the rest of the race types are boring. I still would probably buy it when it gets cheaper cause the graphics and everything are amazing. The feeling in the controller and what the car does in the game are much more real then any other game ever put out on Xbox. Fantastic for car lovers. Definitly check out the replays they look even better then the racing itself. There is a lot in this game that annoys be but the good outweighs the bad definitly... The gameplay is boring once you beat the game there is nothing more to do with it. For the graphics and 120 amazing cars and sound detail I would say everyone buy this game... Every car in the game has its unique real sound of the original cars. This game is probably the best thing your gonna get your hands on for graphics and everything till Xbox 2. For PGR 3 though I recommend they have free roam through the cities without the guard rails and with some traffic on the roads.

I rate this game:
6/5 graphics
6/5 sound
4/5 gameplay
6/5 control
6/5 feeling of the torque and power in the controller
6/5 realism
Yes I know I wrote 6/5, its that good. Buy it.

I had much bad to say I know but these are the ratings I give. I just like the gameplay and fun factor involved in a game like GTA 3 and Vice City you can do missions if you want or you can just do want you want and blow stuff up or kill people and everything is on your own time the game last much longer before you get bored with it. add a little of that to PGR 2 except the shooting and whatnot and I would have givin' it a 6/5 for everything.

Down the road this is a definit addition to my game collection.