View Full Version : XBox Ad Campaign: Why It Should Start now

07-11-2001, 12:42 AM
The XBox is one of the more promising systems for the current time and age, and Microsoft has a good chance at being the top new console. There are a few major parts to the current XBox campign that Microsoft is running. One is building a strong publisher base, including first and third party titles, as well as gaining system exclusve titles and the rights to popular franchises. The second is a fan base, which they have been supporting on their web site by promoting fan sites. This is an excelent set up, but Microsoft s currently lacking one thing: advertisement of the XBox system, its games, and its power.

One of the major faults by Sony while releasing their next-generation system, the PS2, was they did not advertise the system enough, and due to some other mistakes (Like, for instance, an EXTREME lack of systems at launch) the Playstation 2 did not sell as well as it could have. Microsoft has yet to begin it's ad campaign, but it has signed a deal to advertise through Taco Bell locations, but I for one believe Mircrosoft will need to do more.

Rabid gamers commonly seen at gaming sites (like ths one) know about the XBox, but other than that small circle, very few know the details. I think that Microsoft should begin to air teaser comercials, including some screens of some of their games. Most adverage video game players (NOT gamers, I personaly believe there is a difference) are looking for the best looking games, where as gamers, on the other hand, are also into the story, replay value, as well as the graphics. Ads featuring these games will help to get the adverage video game player on the XBox bandwagon.

After the recent fall of the Dreamcast, one of the most praised new systems, many gamers may be jumping toward Nintendo's new console, the GameCube, as Nintendo has the backing and history in gaming to ensure it lasts morethan a few years. Microsoft needs to showcase their games some more to show the gaming world that they have the balls (or testicular fortitude, if you prefer) to stay up their with the PS2 and the GameCube. If Microsoft can begin to adjust themeselves to fix these problems, they are a sure winner for the 2001 console race.

This is all my personal opinion, and I hope you all enjoyed reading it, and i hope you reply to this post with your ideas about Microsoft's current position with the XBox campaign andwhat they can do to improve it. Thank you for your time.