View Full Version : GTA VC fix for Thompson Drives Slowdowns freezes ect...

01-08-2004, 04:16 PM
This is a Fix for those of you that have Major slowdowns and crashes on GTA VC and Or GTA 3 , I simply dumped the majority of my soundtracks , i had 69,000 blocks for My soundtracks , and I deleted down to 14,000, and My freezes and my slowdowns almost never happen,

before if I had more than 3 tanks and choppers and other law enforcement chasing me , I would get a huge slowdown like everything was in slow motion and or a freeze , now I can have six tanks ,chopper , 8 cars and people shooting and its all smooth , I also noticed some better graphics , I don't know how but they are a little better, I also tried this on three other thompsons and it worked for them, there are a few split second slowdowns here and there ,it not perfect but it helps,

I hope that helps someone , if this has already been posted then please delete ,,